Hiring in a candidate driven market

Recently I have seen a high demand from employers across a range of skills which means we are in a true candidate driven job market, and employers are having to adapt their recruitment processes to compete for the best skills and talent.

For employers 

Actively hiring in this market, my recommendation would be to really understand the state of your market, be more competitive in your offerings and move more urgently in the hiring process because candidates who are looking, often have on average 4-5 job offers to consider.

For candidates 

In a candidate driven market, you should not get carried away with the hype around the market, changing jobs should be part of a long-term plan that benefits your career, not just your next pay pack. A short term win is not often worth the stress, the reputational damage, and the financial fallout from being over ambitious and so I would recommend you weigh up your opportunities before making any rash decisions.

Whether you are an employer or a candidate, if you ever want to have a chat about the market, your recruitment plan or new opportunities, please feel free to reach out to me!

Jeffrey Leung

Jeffrey Leung

Director | Specialist Recruiter

Deuschland | Hong Kong